• Steroids: The victimless crime
  • Done with just one
  • Big Games Start to Shape Up the Pac-12
  • New Kings on the Block
  • Pac 12: What We Learned This Weekend

An open letter to (d)eandre (j)ordan

July 9, 2015 Dear mr jordan (capitalization deliberately ignored)   I am but a regular man. An average joe, with an average job and I live the average American life. I have few loves. My wife, my dog, my golf clubs and my sports teams. Outside of kicking my dog, insulting my wife or stealing my irons you have done the worst thing possible to me. You messed with my…


Who Should Be OKC’s Next Coach

Mark Jackson. Maybe Kevin Ollie, but Mark Jackson. Today, by text and during my lunch, Jay, Zack and I went back and forth on the subject. Jay and I said some irrational (borderline inappropriate at times) things that in the moment made sense, but then quickly eroded, Zack stayed the course of fairly logical, and like usual, was careful to say anything that would upset the wagon, but did hate on…


Steroids: The victimless crime

  I’ve said a hundred times, don’t hate the player, hate the game. This may be the first where it actually applies and is not tongue in cheek. Alex Rodriguez didn’t hurt anyone, in fact he helped the Yankees win a championship. Fans cheered his successes while ESPN and sport casters alike filled many days of otherwise nothingness discussing the successes and follies of the greatest prospect and possibly talent…


Done with just one

Each year I picket Mark Emmert at his place of work as NCAA President. This year I will be holding a sign, and chanting the words that read “One-and-done is no fun.” Mark Emmert is the Grinch of sports whose heart is yet to grow three sizes. The weird thing about this is that Mark and I actually agree, and even weirder – he’s not the one who screwed this thing up.


Big Games Start to Shape Up the Pac-12

In a weekend overshadowed in most circles by football, the Pac-12 basketball season added some pretty interesting story lines. As twelve teams begin to position themselves for a weekend in Vegas there were more than a few games with heavy implications this past weekend and much to look forward to this week.   Arizona Thumps Utah Perhaps nobody in the country had looked as dominant as Utah has looked since…