Tim Duncan is the greatest Power Forward ever.
Let’s Start with the obvious, 5 championships, 3 different decades. He has played more playoff minutes than any other player ever, and even more than 19 franchises. He also has 16 50 win seasons.  Only four franchises have more 50 win seasons than Tim Duncan, one of them is the Spurs.  Quite simply he’s amazing.

You don’t have to lift weights to be great at basketball.
No meatheads on Pop’s teams. Boris Diaw dominated in this series, and he doesn’t even work out. The closest Spur to having guns is 3 point slinging redhead extraordinaire Matt Bonner. Kawhi Leonard is pretty ripped, but I don’t think it’s on purpose.

Greg Popavich is the greatest coach since Red Auerbach, I guess.
If Red Auerbach came back to life and we met in the street and he told me stories never heard about Celtic glory, I would be stunned, but wouldn’t be able to recognize him. All the stats say he was the greatest ever, I don’t know about that, ask your grandpa.  But, I do know that Pop’s body of work is the greatest coaching accomplishment I have ever seen, including anything Jackson has ever done. This will especially be apparent when the Knicks flounder for the next 3 years until he gives up.

Manu Ginobli is the most athletic Argentine ever. (Take that Maradona and Messi)
I love the running start drive, the dunk in the lane, and the halo bald spot.  Messi and Maradona have nothing on Ginobili, the future Hall of Famer does things hall of famers could only dream of.

Kahwai Leonard is really, really something.
I just don’t know what he is. Is he an example of what you can achieve if you just listen to Pop and follow Duncan’s lead? Or would he be as exceptional on say, the Jazz?  He’s an amazing athlete, has turned into a great shooter, and plays like he’s one bad game from getting cut. This, combined with his talent level, age, and the eventually torch passing from one Spur generation to the next makes him one of the players in the NBA to watch. We’ll find out what that something is soon.

Eric Spoelstra doesn’t coach the Miami Heat.
No one coaches the Miami heat.  The roster makes no sense and is loaded with players who are either looking for a second chance or want to put their old man rocking chairs on the back of LeBron’s coat tails. Spoelstra might be a great coach, maybe one day he’ll get a chance to find out. That isn’t going to happen while the big three are together.

LeBron turns teams into pacifists.
LeBron is the best player in the world, he should fight someone.  He never fights anyone, not even Lance Stephenson.  I would fight Lance Stephenson, and I have no chance against Lance Stephenson. The result of this is that there is no fight in the Heat.  They all take on LeBron’s personality.  It’s so bad that even the Birdman goes by Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson doesn’t scare anyone.

Dwayne Wade is really 43 years old, maybe older.
He says he is only 32, it’s never been confirmed. His body has not been able to handle the minutes he’s been through.  Lest we forget, Wade turned in one of the greatest finals performances in the history of the NBA averaging 35 points and 8 rebounds to beat a better Mavericks team. He played 43.5 per game in the finals. He’s wore down, the big three is gone, and he needs a system if he is going to be a productive player. There is no system in Miami.

LeBron will be on a different team next year.
He may still be in Miami, but no question there will be changes. LeBron needs two things. A real point guard and a defensive center, and while you’re at it might as well clear out the bottom feeders if he decides to stay (he also needs to be loved). For now, we just watch as he tests the market. Let’s hope he goes to New York or Cleveland.

The top 8 (maybe 9) teams in the West are better than every team in the East.
The East is embarrassingly bad, while the West is the best it has ever been. The Mavericks gave the Spurs the hardest time throughout the entire playoffs as the 8 seed. There is almost no doubt that any playoff team from the West would have come out of the East.