Two things have become abundantly clear tonight:


First, Jay doesn’t understand me.

Second, My hate for the BCS and NCAA is infinite.

Third, I have all the answers (not as abundantly clear as the other two, so I didn’t count it)

The BCS is not a legitimate way to find a champion. It’s a convenient way. In fact crowning the winner of the “Championship” game the undisputed champ is anti American at the very best, and an out right commie lie at worst.

We as the fans deserve better, but I don’t want to make this about me. The players and coaches deserve better, the winners deserve better, and the losers deserve better. You say, “Calm down AL, they just added Condoleeza Rice to the selection committee everything is going to be okay.”  I don’t know, maybe I just need to watch her work her magic, but today that just doesn’t calm my fears that the NCAA/BCS will still create winners and losers with out playing a down.

The problem I have is that under our current program no team can look at their last game and say, “We beat X Y and Z.” Therefore we deserve to be crowned the champions.  The losers cannot look at their last game and say, ” We lost to X, therefore we must get better.”

Remember 2011 (I’ve been trying to forget) when Alabama won the national championship, but not the SEC title. How does that work? It doesn’t. Not in real life. Not to real people.

So, what should our response be? Lets start with this:

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! Say it with me! (also watch this clip) And then get angrier (exclamation point, exclamation point).

That is how the BCS makes me feel. If you don’t have the same reaction than you have no decency, and I have no time for you. Or either you just don’t care about college football, which is a personal decision, and I’m OK with that. In fact, at times, I envy you.

But I don’t just yell.  I have solutions. 10 teams. 6 AQ Conference champs plus 4 at large bids. Here is how it works:

The first Saturday is reserved for Conference Championship games. AAC and Big 12 need to get with the program and play like the big boys.

Second Saturday in December Conference champs get a bye and the at large bids play the first round.

2013 Result of AL’s plan


(1)FSU, (2) Auburn, (8) Baylor, (10) UCF, (7) Stanford and (4)Michigan St..

At large games:

(3) Alabama vs. (5) Missouri

(6) Ohio State vs. (9) Oklahoma St.

Third Saturday in December: Quarter Finals

(1) FSU vs. (10) UCF

(4) Michigan State vs. (7) Stanford

(3) Alabama vs. (6) Ohio State

(2) Auburn vs. (8)Baylor

Jan 1st: Semi Finals

(1) FSU vs. (7) Stanford

(2) Auburn vs. (6) Ohio State

Second Saturday in January: Championship Day

(1) FSU vs. (6) Ohio State

This is simple. This would be amazing. It allows all those fun bowl games that I never watch to still take place, but it gives every school a shot and every champ a legitimate story. The BCS is a commie central planning pool of garbage, fueled by mediocrity and greed. I hate you BCS. [Insert favorite Pro-America Chant here.]


*OSU making the top ten is based on them not losing to Oklahoma because they wouldn’t have played, because it would have been the championship game that week. Had they played and lost to Oklahoma in the regular season they would have likely been eliminated from the conference championship game, but we will never know because this is all just speculation, so just calm down and use your imagination, and try to not get caught up in my fake rankings (you may insert S. Carolina if it makes you feel better). You could also argue that the AAC should not have an automatic qualifier. I won’t disagree with you, but I am okay both ways.  I just want a stinking tournament! Also results of games are made up to just bug certain friends, you know who you are.