As the only degenerate gambler of the three of us, I felt it was time to share the wealth. Here’s 8 picks for this weeks NFL games.

Miami at Buffalo- Miami -3

Miami, coming of 3 straight wins over AFC opponents, looks to avoid the season sweep by the Bills. This game will take place in -40 degree weather and will be played on an ice rink. At least 12 fans are expected to brave the weather and watch Miami exact it’s revenge. I love it at -3 and I’d take it all the way up to -6.5. MIAMI

New Orleans at Carolina- Carolina -2.5

In a game with 2 seed NFC implications Vegas is expecting a close one. This game took place two weeks ago in New Orleans with the Saints coming out on top 31-13. Hard for me to imagine a 20.5 point swing here. Drew Brees isn’t going down easy. SAINTS

Dallas at Washington- Dallas -3.5

Rumor has it that Dallas is rolling out a new wrinkle this week. They are calling it defense. I don’t buy it. As games get close Dallas gets worse. Romo will throw picks with the game on the line and the Cowboy “defense” can’t stop a nosebleed. In a close game I’ll take anyone but Romo. Fortunately for Cowboy fans this game won’t be close. DALLAS

Tampa Bay at St. Louis- St Louis -4.5

Anybody who watched the Rams play last week is going to believe in this team. They dismantled the Saints, completely shut them down, and came away with the win. Here’s what I believe in with the Rams. They will always surprise you. They will beat up on the Saints and lose to the Titans. Coming off a huge emotional win, and playing a better than their record, Bucs team, I expect this to be close and I’m not willing to eat the points. Tampa Bay

Arizona at Seattle- Seattle -10.5

Arizona isn’t losing by 10.5 points. They have their playoff lives on the line and the Seahawks have nothing to play for. In a non-sensical spread I can only imagine Vegas set this line as a sucker bet. Wise guys are going to be all over Arizona on this one. Don’t be fooled by the trendy pick. In the NFL 10.5 points is big, REALLY BIG. Arizona

Denver at Houston- Denver -10.5

Do I just copy and paste the last pick here? Love Peyton Manning and the Broncos all you want. What did I just say about 10.5 points? Throw it out the window. Houston is awful and Denver is really (x10) good. Broncos might win by 70. Denver

New England at Baltimore- Baltimore -1.5

It can’t happen again right? Five weeks ago we were talking about Baltimore tanking and getting a top 5 pick. Now they are on the verge of the playoffs winning four straight. We’ve read this story before right? Baltimore isn’t good enough. Flacco is overpaid and overrated right? No Ray Lewis. No Ed Reed. No Super Bowl. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Lesson learned. Baltimore

Atlanta at San Francisco- San Francisco -10

San Francisco absolutely owns Atlanta. Niners however, don’t score a lot of points. As a Niners fan I want to take them but my sensibilities are holding me back. Could I really take two teams in a week with spreads over 10? Do I believe in the Niners enough to cover, or do I take the Falcons keeping it close like the last three weeks. I’m taking my Niners because I want to. It’s a hopeful pick. San Francisco