I solve problems folks, usually by just stating the obvious. This week, I solve Ty Corbin’s problem of trying to win more than he should so he can keep his job.


Dear Tyrone Corbin,

I write to you with great displeasure, but I come carrying an olive branch, not a quill full of arrows. Not to shoot you down, but to hold you up. See, you assume that winning more games than people expect will allow you to keep your job.  No, sir, not true sir. Be a company man.

What you fail to realize in your attempt to win 30 games, is that by winning 30 games you fail.  To you winning 25 to 30 games with this rag tag bunch of misfits is a victory, because at the beginning of the season you were predicted to be the worst team in the NBA and not break 20 wins.

Congrats you are better than Milwaukee. Congrats you beat the Lakers.  Let me remind you sir, the goal is not to beat the Lakes, Be a company man.

What is the goal then? For ‘tis to get better, and lose as many games as possible while doing this. That would infur that you do not play Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson over 25 minutes a game.  They have no part of the Jazz’s future. The Jazz future rests on one man, Jabari Parker.

We are one piece shy of having a young team that could grow into something great. So please sir, Be a company man.

Emails by AL

If Ty wants to keep his job, he needs to focus on developing the young players, trading Marvin Williams, securing a top 3 pick, and benching Richard Jefferson. If he can’t do 3 of the 4 things listed, he should be fired.