There’s always those notions in sports we are just expected to blindly accept. Tom Brady is clutch, the SEC is superior to everyone, the Olympics are interesting, race has no bearing on athleticism, etc. Here’s another one. “Kevin Love is elite.” Except……..he’s not.

Count your lucky stars that I’m writing this for you. It’s Sunday, it’s the greatest Week 17 in NFL history and here I am writing to make sure you, the reader, is educated. The last thing in the world that I’m going to allow happen is to let you look moronic the next time you talk about the best players in the NBA.

Let me preface this for you; Kevin Love is very good. If you’re a faithful follower of ADJ Radio you know he was on my list of best white players in the league. Kevin Love is probably (yes I said probably) a top 10 player. He’s not elite though.

Before you go all crazy on me ask yourself one question. What other “elite” player in the league has never been to the playoffs? Chris Paul? Lebron James? Kevin Durrant? Paul George? Derrick Rose, Carmanjello Anthony? I know the argument before you give it. He’s still new you’ll say. Give him time you’ll say. He will get there you’ll say. Fine. Let’s have this conversation when that happens. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to buy-in to stereotypes that just aren’t true. Remember when you idiots wanted to crown Lebron before he won any meaningful game? Remember the excuses? Oh he just doesn’t have a team around him. Don’t be wrong again gang. Stand up, shake off the shackles of the average, and think for yourself. Kevin Love is not elite. He’s not a winner. It’s fine. Life goes on, the world didn’t end. I’m not going to put up stats. Stats are the weapons of the weak. Stats are numbers, players are people. Kevin Love is not elite. You’re welcome.