I am not a BYU football fan. I don’t follow their games but I would like to see the “Y” of old resurrected.

BYU use to be known for a high octane, spread offense that saw QB’s throw for over 300+ yards per game. They had a Heisman winner in Ty Detmer, and two NFL Hall of Famers (Jim McMahon, Steve Young). They were exciting to watch and were a top ranked team every year.

It has been hard to watch a BYU football game the past few years. Offensive play calling is piss poor and boring to watch. And their coach, Bronco Medenhall, looks more like a line judge than a NCAA football coach.

So, why is this guy still coaching?

Here are a few ideas to why BYU has kept Bronco around.

First, Bronoco Medenhall is very active LDS member. His strategy for coaching revolves around principles of the LDS Church. The University loves having a coach that can be a good representative to their beliefs like Mendenhall. But, he is more like an LDS Bishop or general authority than a head football coach, and is hard to recruit non-lds players to the university.
Second, BYU has a stout defense. BYU has had one of the top NCAA defenses since Mendenhall took over. Yes, their schedule hasn’t been the toughest in the NCAA but something has to be said for the numbers the BYU D doesn’t allow.
Third, public opinion believes that Bronco is the best available LDS Coach out there. This is a false idea and brings me to my point. There are great LDS coaches out there! The two candidates that I believe BYU should be actively pursuing are Ken Niumatalolo of Navy, and the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Darrell Bevell I don’t think will leave Seattle for a college job. He wants to stay in the NFL and the success of Seattle will allow head coaching jobs to open for him in the NFL, but that shouldn’t stop BYU from pursuing him. The Candidate I think that BYU should hire is Ken Niumatalolo as the new head football coach, and the coach who will resurrect the “Y”.

Who is Ken Niumatalolo?

Ken Niumatalolo is the Head Coach at Navy and has been so since 2007. He was a collegiate Quarterback for the University of Hawaii and took a job coaching at BYU after his graduation. He also served a two-year LDS mission, and is a very active member of church. He has led Navy to more than 8 wins 5 of the 7 years he has been there, and has a record of 48-30 his 7 seasons as Head Coach. That is an impressive record for a head coach at an armed forces academy, where it is extremely difficult to recruit.
His prowess as an offensive mind and the fact that he played the Quarterback position would be a great fit for BYU who has been unable to really nurture and grow the QB’s they have. Ken is polynesian which would be a dream fit from a recruiting standpoint. This would give BYU a great chance at recruiting non-white players, allowing them to finally have a chance on a regular basis to compete against truly top teams. And resurrect the “Y” again as QB-U!

So lets dispense all the notion that Mendenhall is the only quality college LDS coach out there. Let’s start a “Let’s get Ken Niumatalolo” campaign going!