ncaa scam copy

Is it October? Because it feels like anti-bullying month to me.

Yesterday John Henson was not my favorite former Tar Heel player in the NBA. In fact I have called him Drew more than 50% of the time I have referred to him (maybe 6-10 times) and Jim a bunch of times too. But, today he is really close to passing up Tyler Hansbrough for the number 1 spot. In case you didn’t notice Henson is killing it this year 11.5 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 2 blocks and an astounding 20+ PER (he’s 22). But, that is not why his favorability is sky rocketing in my heart. Its because he is a truth speaker (wearer?).

The NCAA is just below Rosie O’Donnell on my list of terrible people/organizations. We need to fight against evil in any form. The NCAA is a form of evil we must fight. Unfortunately we cannot boycott NCAA sports, we have already shown we are okay supporting this group regardless of their horrendous crimes against humanity, because we really like the product.

What can we do?

Join with me in my crusade to say and write terrible things about the organization until they change their practices, College athletics leaves them, or we get tired.

Join the fight, fight the power.

hashtag NCAA SCAM (#ncaascam)