On Saturday we experienced one of the greatest finishes to a college football game. With 1-second on the clock, Alabama put in its freshman kicker to take a audacious 57-yard game winning field goal attempt. The Result will go down in college football lore for generations to come. Auburn’s Chris Davis took the short field goal 109 yards to win the game and move Auburn into the SEC title game vs. Missouri next Saturday.

After two miraculous last second victories the question arises, “is Auburn a team of destiny?”
(Click here to see Auburn’s Hail Mary win over Georgia last week)

Where does Auburn’s “kick 6” rank with the greatest college football endings of all time?

Below are the top 5 Greatest College football endings according to us here at ADJ:

Number 5. Flutie’s Miracle in Miami

Number 4. Miracle in Michigan

Number 3. Boise St. Statue of Liberty

Number 2. “Kick 6” Auburn’s 109 field goal return

Number 1. “The Band is on the Field!”