Nick Saban Press Conference Following BCS National Championship

FSU leads in the two most important stats there are: #1 in points scored, and points allowed. In other words they dominate their opponents. Granted they haven’t played the most difficult schedule, but their talent level is the best in the Country.

Some stats to ponder: FSU

  • 53 point per game.
  • 10 points allowed per game.
  • 4-0 against ranked opponents with an average win margin of over 41 points.
  • Never missed a PAT, 90 for 90.  19-20 on field goals for the season, with a long of 53.
  • 6 players on the team carry the initials J.W. Thats probably #1 in the country.

Some stats to ponder: Auburn

  • #1 rushing team in the NCAA, 335.7 yards per game and two 1,000 + rushers.
  • #9 in points scored, 41 points per game.
  • Won 5 games by one possession.
  • 1-0 against teams ranked #1.
  • Only three players with the initials J.W. not sure what this means, but it can’t be good.

Monday is Jameis Winston’s Birthday. He’s turning 20.  As a general rule, QBs are better, when they are no longer teenagers.

Jesus is on FSU’s sidelines. Freshman receiver Jesus Wilson had 3 catches on the season.

Auburn always finds a way to win, except for when they don’t (LSU week 4). So what happened against LSU? #4 LSU’s Jeremy Hill ran all over the unranked Tigers of Auburn for 184 yards and 3TDs.  The key was LSU jumping to a 21-0 lead early in the second quarter forcing Auburn to throw more than they want in a game, which resulted in two interceptions, no touchdowns and only 224 yards on 33 attempts.

Auburn’s DBs are all under 6′, FSU’s Receivers are all 6′ and above. Kelvin Benjamin is 6’5″, 235, and Winston’s choice receiver in the Red Zone. He should be able to continue catching TD Monday night.

Red lightning may be the difference maker.  

Since the inception of the BCS Championship game in 2007, SEC has won everyone. I’m sick of it, it’s time for the SEC to go down. But if they don’t, just remember that:

It’s not a real championship anyway. Michigan State has as much right to the title game as Auburn.  Next year’s +1 game will help, but we need more. We need a tournament of conference champs. #NCAASCAM